About Slow Cruze Tours: Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Vietnam Motorbike Tours - lunchSlow Cruze Tours’ Vietnam motorbike tours are a family run enterprise, based in Australia and one or both of us travel on each and every tour. We began travelling in Vietnam in 1998 and have enjoyed every minute of it. We travel with a Vietnamese guide who owns the bikes. He speaks English, French, Vietnamese and some of the minority languages. Our guide also brings along a mechanic who is in charge of the security and maintenance of the bikes. We provide a back up vehicle to carry luggage and an esky to keep drinking water etc. cold in the hot climate.

There is always a place in the back up vehicle for NON RIDERS or a pillion seat on a bike with one of our very experienced Vietnamese guides.

Travel is mostly on the Ho Chi Min Trail and various back roads, rather than on Highway One as it is more scenic and generally has less traffic. Rather than try to deal with the hectic traffic of the big cities we ensure that we start our trips in a quieter (yet busy) town and include traffic orientation and information on the first day.

Our Vietnam motorbike tours are not about the destination, they are about the journey. Every day is an adventure, seeing the country, meeting the people, tasting the fabulous food, laughing lots and sharing stories at the end of the day.  We are flexible about people doing their own thing i.e. stopping to take photos and adventuring on their own on days off, after all it’s your holiday.



The bikes are 125 and 150 cc road bikes . These bikes are the most suitable for riding in this country and although small by our standards are up to the challenge, with gearing set up to suit the speed range. The speed limit in Vietnam is 60 in most places, but before you conclude that 60 kph is slow, you need to experience riding in Vietnam!

You will need to have an International motorcycle licence, which is necessary for our travel insurance. We prefer that people undertaking our Vietnam motorbike tours have good bike riding skills and experience and to have held their full motorbike licence for at least one year.


Most of the hotels we stay in are 3-4 Star. Some of the smaller towns have a limited range, so we opt for the cleanest and most comfortable available. Some of the hotels in the bigger towns are more luxurious with a swimming pool etc. Our Vietnam motorbike tours are NOT  based on Twin Share – everyone gets their OWN room with en suite bathroom.

Personalised Tours

We are happy to cater for groups who want to travel together and a lot of our enquiries are from people who are trying to create their own riding tour.

The minimum time requirement to fully enjoy one of our tours is 2 weeks and we need a minimum of 8 people to organise a personalised Vietnam motorbike tour for you. Price on application.