Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Reviews



Thoroughly enjoyed the Slow Cruze Tour with Colin and Vietnamese guides (River, Mr. Hung and Du). We had a unique experience, due to the Covid-19 virus, and unfortunately had to cut the tour short after 13 days and head home before everything shut down. Colin was in constant touch with Sue in Australia and able to get up to date information to us which ensured that we got home in a timely manner.
The bikes provided were terrific and all you need for the varied roads and conditions in Vietnam. The accommodation each night was very good, always clean and staff very friendly and helpful, the food provided was plentiful and tasty. It seemed we were always eating or having coffee somewhere, so don’t expect to lose weight. The scenery on the ride is simply awesome in places, the cultural experiences were pleasant plus the tourist sites that we were able to visit very scenic and informative.
I look forward to returning next year to do another tour, and finishing this time, in Hanoi.
John Peter
 – April 2020

Thank you both for organising such an amazing trip through south Vietnam. The trip has been a highlight in my life, thank you for giving me such great memories.

Trish Flynn – October 2019

 Enjoy motorcycling? want an experience? The answer is Colin from Slow Cruze Tours. I have done 6 overseas motorcycling tours and Colin’s was the best by far. He shows you the country because he loves it. Its NOT a road trip to get k’s up. He understands that sometimes pizza is better than rice. Colin has been travelling in Vietnam for 20 years – go with Colin and enjoy Vietnam
Will Alexander – August 2019

Greeaaaaat! time thanks!  Very informative, good company – best city/town to live in maybe Dong Hoi – I’ll do a bit more research for teaching.  A bit of useless information – taxi to Airport from District 1 in HCM 150,000dong girl at reception said don’t pay more than that and we didn’t.  Even though we had paid 250,000dong on the way there.  Taxis are the same all over the world, you get good deals and rip offs, that’s life.  Changes every day in Vietnam, impossible to get bored.  Anyway would recommend your trips to anyone.
Gren and Kerry – August 2019

Enjoyed the trip immensely, great way to see the country and the people. Well organised and safe trip, a definite adventure. Learnt a lot about Vietnam from Colin and Sue, would recommend to anyone looking for an adventure, but if you don’t like hard beds we would recommend taking a self inflating mattress and also packs very lightly as not all hotels have elevators.
John Rowles and Lisa WoodJune 2019

Hi Sue and Colin

I’m just writing to say thank you for what was such a memorable tour of Vietnam.  (26 days south to north)  It allowed us to experience what life is in both city and rural Vietnam and meet some incredible people along the way.  We also enjoyed learning the skills required to ride among the thousands of bikes in the cities and then move on to the country areas and mountain ranges.  The routes taken were spectacular, the scenery can only be described by the thousands of photos that I have to recall the many hi lights of the trip.

The flexibility shown by Slow Cruze Tours throughout the trip also made for more memories such as allowing us to change our schedule to stop at a small school in the country area and speak to the young students in English as part of their learning   All these items put together made this trip one of the best I have been on. Once again thank you Sue and Colin……………….Regards
Peter B. Victoria.  May 2019

I would like to thank you for the effort you put into looking after an old man.  Nothing was a problem to you and the support you gave me was very much appreciated. What an ADVENTURE 2600 ks, new friends, unreal scenery, fantastic roads and no problems. The organisers and support crew were there when you needed them but not in your face. All the bikes were reliable. Our accommodation was good, food was great and the mix of back roads for enjoyment and major roads to cover the distances was just about the right combination. The insight into Vietnamese culture and access to otherwise inaccessible areas by our Vietnamese guide and yourselves was a highlight for me. I now have a great deal more respect for small capacity motor cycles as they were fit for the purpose of this trip. This will be hard to top as a motorcycling adventure and I believe that the trip was great value for money when you consider all the add ons that you provided.
Phillip S. Padstow May 2019

Thanks for a wonderful time in Vietnam really appreciated your efforts to make sure every one was having a good time, all the accommodation was great especially after a hot day on the bike.  It’s great to look back at the photos to recall the many places we visited.  I have been asked by some friends who are a considering a bike trip to Vietnam is it ok to recommend you.   Thanks again, all the best
Rick E.  Victoria    May 2019

The Vietnam Slow Cruise tour with a Twist

Well it’s been a month today since I ended, MY tour of Vietnam.
It was such a great tour with so many new experiences, with lots of laughs and great comradery.
It’s hard to believe we did and saw so much, so many things stick in your mind like dodging the trucks, potholes and animals, riding on the right side of the road and who could forget the road works in progress! And then there was the Tofu, Morning Glory and how could anyone forget the RICE. Spectacular scenery of the mountains with their winding roads and also the amazing rice terraces. There was the catching up at the hotel after the ride and then all that shopping and a few drinks. That is what makes really great memories for me.
Geoff W. November 2018

Sue and Col – thanks for another fantastic tour.  Absolutely awesome… do it so well.
cheers, Dusty Miller. October 2018

Three weeks in the north of Vietnam delivered all we hoped for and more.  Stunning mountain scenery, golden rice fields during at harvest time, riding challenged by fog, animals, variable road conditions, interesting traffic and local ‘road rules’.  It was made even more awesome by Sue and Colin who have an intricate knowledge of and passion for the country, and work tirelessly behind the scenes with their local team (guide River, mechanic and back up vehicle driver) every day to make it all work.  When the invariable hiccoughs happen, they smooth them out with a minimum of fuss.  Accommodation is basic but carefully chosen, and dietary restrictions were easily accommodated.  Bedding in hotels is basic, and at times rock hard.  We travelled with pillows, sleeping bags and sleeping bag liners and appreciate them all every night.  I also recommend travelling with an air hawk or similar as the bike seats are not set up for extended hours/days in the saddle.  Couldn’t have wished for a better group of fellow travellers, always there with some encouragement, support and a good laugh at the right times.  The best possible way to experience Vietnam and avoid the tourist route.

Karen and Ronnie, Perth WA. October 2018

Col and Sue
I have been to many parts of the world on trips and enjoyed, but I fear this one has spoilt me forever.
Both of you should be aware of the sheer joy your trips give to people and I thank you for that
Leigh W.
May 2018

21 days riding around the northern frontier of Vietnam. Fantastic, what an opportunity! Rob my (better half) and I decided this would be a great chance for us to see another culture, and better still, have a fantastic time riding about 1,800 ks on mountain roads. Rob is an old hand on a motorbike, whilst I have had 6 years experience. My riding has been on pristine roads, never (if I could help it) in wet weather, on footpaths or curbs, gravel roads, big hills, not to mention riding on the other side of the road. Hah! Our trip involved lots and lots and LOTS of rain – couldn’t be helped (unseasonable rain ed.) – and chooks, dogs, buffalo, pigs, and thousands of tricky corners and curvy roads (which were brilliant). The scenery was outstanding, almost every curve had a view. Colin was amazing, he had so many stories and so much knowledge, and if he didn’t know the answer he would find out what we needed to know. He even went shopping with us when we weren’t sure where to go, that’s a big ask! If the accommodation wasn’t suitable, he would change it within a short time. I gained a heap of experience riding on some gravel, rocky ravines, water, mud (due to floods) and countless road works that just crept up, with no signage or warning. I even played chicken with some trucks and cars. From a timid rider I became a lioness – well, I like to think I was one. For anyone who is not sure, just try it, even if you are not a super confident rider. You have lots of support – a mechanic who was brilliant and always willing to help, a support vehicle, and a crazy Vietnamese guide up the front who doubled as a handy cook (his hot chips rule)! The locals are just lovely and so friendly too. I recommend you travel with an air hawk, a gel seat or similar. The bikes are small but you never feel it, as the roads are not made for big or fast bikes. And whatever you do, don’t forget your wet weather gear. Thanks Slow Cruze for an unforgettable experience.

Paula (and Rob) Sladden

Thank you. I can’t praise the trip enough, truly a great experience.
Laurie M.

Thanks for a great experience. What an adventure it has been. An amazing country full of industrious open hearted people. They don’t want charity they want your business is a good way to sum it up. Plenty of challenging riding with a fall just around the corner for the slightest lack of concentration. Some roads with plenty of sweeping corners would rate against any I’ve been on anywhere. I jump the plane from Hanoi to HCMC today with a few days to catch up with old friends then it’s back to OZ. The Artisan Hotel in old Hanoi is highly recommended, fab location, everything works and there’s no dodgy wiring hanging out of the wall. The shower is hot and strong and the bed is divine. Especially compared to some of the planks of wood we slept on. Col and Sue of Slow Cruze Tours made it all a great experience even when there were tech issues with bikes, lost souls and any other issues that came our way. Again highly recommended. My fellow riders were an eclectic bunch but formed up well with only a few tensions over minutiae and a concerted effort of most to respect and care for all. The pre 6 am markets that form just around the corner and the amazing number of people out for early morning exercise before heading of to work. VISIT VIETNAM.
Chris R.

Excellent trip, excellent organisation and yes a great group, no extremes of character and all willing to fit in (a tour group to die for). I was sort of dreading the bus trip at the end but even it was good as…..
And off the beaten track where not many tourists have gone before and value for money.
You couldn’t ask for more in a trip! Thanks again muchly!
Stephen B.

What an amazing time, it wasn’t a holiday but an absolute adventure. The places we
visited, the people we met some who haven’t even seen westerners.
Food to die for everyday. The best guides Colin and Sue amazing people, River, Joe,
Mr Tom back up crew. I had a great time I will definitely be going again
Off the beaten track and thanks again Colin and Sue.

Robert Smyth


As we hadn’t been on an organised tour before let alone one on motorbikes we were not sure what to expect, so the 2 week trip offered in July was a good way to test if this style of travel suited us.  As both of us work, having someone else put in the hard yards of planning a route and booking flights and accommodation was much easier than having to do it ourselves.  We also wanted  to add on a trip to Thailand and Sue was happy to accommodate us, arranging flights accordingly.  She was also quick to get back to us with any questions we had and provided comprehensive information and advice.

What attracted us in the first place was the name Slow Cruze – suggesting a leisurely ride through the Vietnam countryside, as well as getting off the beaten tourist track.  I think most of us in the small group were a little apprehensive on day one, not knowing what to expect, with the addition of culture shock for those of us who hadn’t experienced a place like Vietnam before.  I particularly appreciated that Sue and Colin took this on board and made it easier by suggesting places to eat, advising on what not to do (like not having ice in your beer) and explaining local customs.  Having ‘River’ as an English, French  and Vietnamese speaking guide was also a big help.  Riding through some busy cities was unavoidable but traffic speeds are slow and everybody seems to want to make it work with a minimum of fuss.  Road rage seems non-existent and once we understood the road rules and conventions we felt relatively safe.

The bikes themselves were either 125cc or 150cc which suit this type of journey, with Vietnam speed limits of 60km per hour and some of the more remote travel being on rough roads, not to mention sharing the road with animals (cows, buffalo, chickens, pigs and dogs) and children, in addition to other traffic.  A very capable and friendly mechanic accompanied the tour and performed ‘in flight’ repairs and adjustments as required so that all the bikes made it to the finish line.

The itinerary gave us a really good experience of the lesser known parts of Central Vietnam, with a good mix of country and small city riding.  Some of the days were unavoidably long, but soon forgotten with a few cold Bia Saigons and a good meal.  Travelling with a support vehicle carrying our luggage and ice boxes full of cold drinks was a godsend and as a pillion rider, I gratefully took up the offer of a lift on a couple of very long stints.

All in all, we loved the experience of this trip – I can see why people fall in love with Vietnam, the people are so friendly and is’s really a country where you step back in time.  Despite the basic standard of living in many of the rural areas, we were met with enthusiastic smiles and waves from locals of all ages and were made to feel very welcome.  Experiencing this Slow Cruze tour with other enthusiastic riders has inspired us to do more of this type of travel in Vietnam and beyond including the Slow Cruze Northern Frontier tour when time permits.

K and R Pass  –  Canberra

JULY 2016

I have toured the world on motorcycles, but this was the most rewarding tour that I have undertaken.  If you would like fun and adventure on a 125cc motorcycle, different culture and fantastic food this is the tour for you.  The tour is called Slow Cruise for a reason, it is slow enough to take wonderful photos, slow enough to enjoy the food, slow enough to enjoy the fantastic scenery.  The tour varies from cities, country roads, mountain villages, even get to ride part of the Ho Chi Min trail, slow speed is 60kph.  Guides Sue and Colin, Mr. Rivers, back up crew Joe and Mr. Thom all make this an unforgettable tour.

Lyn Lesslie   /  Ulyssian

JUNE 2016

Just recently returned from a 4 week tour in April 2016. I had
been looking forward to sharing this tour with my daughter and finally we were there. What an incredibly adventurous tour it was, the country is very beautiful and travelling from south to north, then east to the sea, then west over the mountains, east to the sea again and finally west through the mountains (close to the Laos border) to the top where we left the motorcycles at Sa Pa close to the Chinese border. From Sa Pa we travelled by mini bus to Hanoi and some of us chose to do a one night Ha Long Bay cruise, my daughter and I included, what a great way to relax after an incredible motorcycle journey through Vietnam.
The people of Vietnam are very welcoming and always seem to be happy to see us. We travelled through some country areas where westerners were rarely seen. The local people have very little and work very hard, well into their old age, and what a pleasure it was to meet them. The food experience was incredible as well, I absolutely loved the food over there, and with the experience of our hosts Colin and Sue, we got to try some food we may never have tried if it wasn’t for their suggestions.
Talking about Colin and Sue, what incredible people these two are. They know the country very well, they love the people of Vietnam and you could not have asked for better people to look after you in a strange country.

Our Vietnamese back up team were all very helpful and delightful people. I recommend all experienced riders to travel with Slow Cruze Tours to Vietnam at least once in their life, it absolutely is a must.

Patricia Cristina
Leopold Victoria

We arrived home from the Oct 15 Northern Frontier tour feeling like we needed a holiday, it was action packed and exciting.
Colin, Sue and their partner River in Vietnam, devote their entire time to caring for and thinking ahead to ensure the comfort of every tour member. No problem seems too big or too small to deal with. Their amazing patience and easy personalities are a daily blessing. You’ll be amazed by their infectious enthusiasm for the Vietnamese and their beautiful country. Be ready for an adventurous, challenging, awesome ride.
Bill and Lyn
Bannockburn Vic

JULY 2015
The itinerary was exactly what I was after, it included riding through the highlands and remote villages, seeing the country without the high tourist population, riding parts of the Ho Chi Min trail and then down to the coast through 242 k’s of winding concrete road with magnificent scenery, to the world heritage listed highlights of central Vietnam. If you have never attempted this sort of tour as I had never done my advice is to give it a try, you will not be disappointed.
Geoff W. (Victoria)

We did our Slow Cruze motor cycle tour of Vietnam in May 2015 with Colin and Sue leading our tour. We flew into Ho Chi Min City and met the other tour participants from the south coast NSW, also one from QLD and SA. They were all very friendly and we soon developed into a great group.
The bikes we rode, whilst small in capacity, were big in fun and reliability.My bike was easily able to accommodate my wife as pillion.The support teams including two mechanics and back up van, were excellent and were always friendly and helpful. We had the true taste of Vietnam, travelling well off the tourist track. The scenery, sights, sounds and smells of true Vietnam has to be experienced to be appreciated.The accommodation was more than adequate and the tour was well organised and very professionally run.Thank you Colin and Sue. We recommended your tour to our friends and we will be back.
John and Elaine

I totally recommend this tour as one of the best ways to explore Vietnam. It was a unique holiday that I will remember for a very long time. Thanks to the professionalism shown by Colin and Sue the entire trip was stress free.
The people in the group were a fantastic bunch, the food was amazing and accommodation clean and comfortable. The Vietnamese crew did a fantastic job ensuring the bikes were well maintained and guiding us into some of the most amazing places.
Thank you Colin and Sue for an excellent experience.
George C.
Longreach NSW

Yeah, I enjoyed the trip very much, it was like an endurance adventure ride
with twists and turns and I loved it. Thanks again for an enjoyable trip cheers
North Mackay

If you want to immerse yourself in the sights and culture of Vietnam I cannot recommend highly enough Slow Cruz’ Vietnam tour. Well organised, value for money motorcycle touring.
Steve L.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours - hills2014I was turning 70 and decided two

1. I was to admit my age and
2. I wanted to do something adventurous to celebrate.
I thought a motorbike tour would be the ideal way to go and decided Slow Cruze Tours sounded just the thing. Sue and Colin plus three Vietnamese guides made sure my birthday was memorable (perhaps a bit more adventurous than I thought). Everything was so well organised, scenery was magnificent and every day brought new experiences. Hotels were clean, comfortable, air-conditioned and complete with ensuite. As I was over 54 when I got my motorbike licence and only every ridden cruisers (very conservative) I was way out of my comfort zone, but I was able to do all the rides and had a fantastic time.
Rini and I would highly recommend Slow Cruze tours and are considering going again on their other tour run in May.
Barb and Rini

November 2014
My recent tour through the north of Vietnam with Colin, Su, their Vietnamese crew and 7 other adventurers was by far the most incredible adventure of my 45 years existence.
I have travelled to Europe twice, Bali, NZ and the centre of Australia as well as most of the coast. I have sky dived three times (and not tandem either), snorkelled in Noumea, abseiled and rock climbed through the Blue Mountains, tandem hang-glided off the ‘Remarkables’ in NZ, slept on top of a waterfall with water flowing either side of my tent….
BUT VIETNAM has changed me, I see with new eyes. I fell in love with this incredible diverse country. The organised chaos, ceaseless beeping of horns, the endless scooters loaded with families and livestock, the surprise of what was around the next corner.
The tour was jam packed with adventure, the accommodation was an endless package of delights, the food was wonderful and the guides made everyone feel important with their care and sense of humour.
I can’t stress enough how well organised this tour is and would highly recommend touring through Vietnam with Slow Cruze.
Leigha (Lee Lee)
I’ll be back !

January 2014
Thank you for the wonderful tour, the new found friendships, the personal attention and detail provided by both of you. I heartily recommend your tour to anyone wishing to enjoy a discovery tour of Vietnam at a relaxed pace.
Graham C.
South Australia

December 2013
Slow Cruze trip – had most amazing trip of a life time, – still talking about it – driving the wife mad – thanks for all the help, now because of trip buying a new bike – will keep in touch.

December 2013
I’ve recently returned from my second trip with Slow Cruze tours and think that this could possibly be the best touring holiday on offer in the world. My first trip was the south to north tour which was fantastic and my second tour was the awesome and unforgettable north east.
You’ll have a truly remarkable adventure experiencing the breathtaking scenery journeying on roads that twist up and down Vietnam’s mountainous landscape visiting lovely rural villages and markets well off the beaten tourist tracks, eat like a king, stay in well chosen and very comfortable accommodation, visit exotic locations and temples, swim in beautiful rivers, explore caves, mingle with the friendly locals and have the time of your life negotiating the exciting traffic in the bigger towns all whilst being expertly chaperoned by the tour organisers Colin and Sue, who go out of their way to make sure you have a memorable “no hassles” holiday from start to finish. I would not hesitate going again and strongly recommend this tour company.
Bermagui NSW

November 2013
Taking a motorcycle tour with Colin and Sue who have a deep love of Vietnam is less about being a passive tourist just observing the country and more about becoming part of the landscape, interacting in a genuine way with the Vietnamese people. The tours are well thought out with itineraries that largely avoid the well-trodden tourist locations and instead explore lesser-known places. Their dedicated team in Vietnam provide support and local know-how to ensure that the tours run smoothly. One of the many things that impressed me during my tour was the teams’ desire to keep going that extra mile to ensure that their guests were safe, comfortable and had the best experience possible.
My trip around the northern frontier was an amazing adventure I will not soon forget!
Bemboka NSW

October 2013
I have just returned from an 18 day Slow Cruise Motorcycle Adventure and had the time of my life. It’s the most exciting and best motor cycle tour I have done. Colin and Sue along with their Vietnamese colleague River are an absolute pleasure to travel with ensuring your every need is met and expertly guide you throughout the country for a beautiful experience.
I have no hesitation in saying for the cost and professionalism shown by Slow Cruise I doubt you could do better. Thanks for a fantastic time and a very happy ending.
Coogee NSW

June 2013
Dear Colin and Sue
I have great pleasure in writing this small note to thank you for what has been a great trip for me. I appreciated the support during the whole trip from your crew and yourselves. I would have no hesitation in recommending your team to anyone interested in doing such a trip.
Chris W.

June 2013
Have just returned from a tour through Vietnam with Slow Cruze Tours. I would like to let people know what a fantastic experience it was.
Bike reviews I previously read placed emphasis on the speed that a bike will do, however as a note to the speed heroes, if the Great Ocean Road is your dream in record time and the highlight of your rides then I suggest that you consider riding with Colin through Vietnam!
There are other tours that do southern Vietnam on bigger bikes but if you can visualize yourself riding a 125cc all the way to the western and northern areas right up to the Chinese border then you should contact Colin for details.
Riding through cities and country areas, mixing it with the traffic that challenges your riding skills in a different way, meeting people in remote areas and seeing the most amazing scenery is a totally exciting experience.
If you like riding on the full scale of roads – 4-lane to gravel and mud, if you can see dodging potholes as sport then join one of these tours. Don’t be mislead by the title, it is most times as fast as you would want to go.
The tour is well organized, good accommodation throughout (4 star to the best in town) backup vehicle and very competent local crew, the tour will be a highlight in your riding experience.
( a longer version of this letter was sent to Riding On Magazine)
Paul W.

June 2013
Wish I was still there! Can’t fault anything. We were lucky to have Giang, (Vietnamese Guide) he’s polite, thoughtful, quick witted, intelligent and an integral part of what made our trip so memorable and fun.
John J.

June 2012
Just back from a month touring with Slow Cruze, a sensory overload and an amazing unforgettable adventure enjoyed by our whole Ulysses group, captained by Col and Sue and expertly guided by Giang and his team. I can’t thank the team enough for their help in letting me experience the beauty of the people and landscapes of Vietnam.
I had such a great time with you guys that I will do anything I can to see you still in business in ten years, by which time I might bring my grandson, if you’ll have us.
Tony – BUDDHA,
Albion Park

June 2012
Thanks guys, I’m glad I came along instead of going on a cruise. Had an F…. ing ball. Met all good people, see you again.
Ron D.

June 2012
The trip was just great and I may do it again some time in the future.
John V
Albion Park