News 2020

2020 NEWS

Due to Covid-19 we have obviously had to cancel our tours for the time being.

The South to North tour 2020 got underway and made it half way through Vietnam before the plug was pulled due to increasing Covid restrictions – but the game changer was when Vietnam airlines announced they would be cancelling flights. Our travel agent did a great job of getting everyone home quickly and safely.   Our group was lucky to arrive back in Australia before hotel quarantine became the norm and were allowed to quarantine at home.

We are now patiently waiting to book our next journey and are hopeful it will be towards the end of 2021.
Watch this space……We will keep you informed via Website, Riding On magazine and Facebook page as soon as we have something definite. Until then stay safe and well – photos from our March 2020 tour in Vietnam – Pic 1.  all wearing masks Pic 2. Saigon empty!